Bernard Giacomin

Pastor Bernard Giacomin was born in France, yet it is in Quebec at the age of 32 that he gave his life to Christ.

After serving as a pastor in Shawinigan, he left Canada in 1985 for his first missionary mandate in his homeland. He founded the Centre Apostolique de Jesus-Christ in Narbonne, a church affiliated to the EAJC network.

In 1996, Pastor Giacomin and his wife Paulette moved to Africa to answer a missionary calling that had been burning deep in their hearts for a long time. They settled down in Pointe-Noire (Congo-Brazzaville) and worked with a young church, which had recently joined the EAJC network. Throughout these missionary years, they were supported by EAJC.

In 1998, Pastor Giacomin moved back to Canada and, since then, he is an Assistant pastor at EAJC‑Montreal. He and his wife form a team that is very much appreciated and deeply involved in the family and couples ministries.